Samsenthai Road, Ban Kao-Gnot, Sisattanak district,
P.O Box 3560, Vientiane, Lao PDR.
Tel: +856 21 285 321
Tel: +856 30 551 9525

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    translations['openlayer'] = "open layer"; translations['openlayerAtStartup'] = "open layer at startup"; translations['generateLink'] = "link to this map with opened layers"; translations['shortDescription'] = "short description"; translations['generatedShortCode'] = "to get a text control link paste this code in your wordpress editor"; translations['closeLayer'] = "close layer"; translations['cantGenerateLink'] = "put this string in the existing map short code to control this map"; vectorM['map_ol3js_1'] = []; var raster = getTileLayer("osm","NoKey"); var map_ol3js_1 = new ol.Map({ interactions: ol.interaction.defaults.defaults({mouseWheelZoom:true}), layers: [raster], target: "map_ol3js_1", view: new ol.View({ center: ol.proj.transform([102.6151,17.9626], "EPSG:4326", "EPSG:3857"), zoom: 17 }) }); osm_addMarkerLayer(map_ol3js_1,102.6151,17.9626,"",-22,-34,"") ; addControls2Map(map_ol3js_1,0,0,3,0,5,6,7,0,1); osm_addPopupClickhandler(map_ol3js_1, "map_ol3js_1"); osm_addMouseHover(map_ol3js_1);