Board of directors

IPL is governed by a Board of Directors composed of 3 Lao Members appointed by Lao Ministry of Health and 2 members appointed by IP Paris. A specificity of the Board meetings is the participation of the main contributors and stakeholders as observers in the spirit of transparency and partnership.

The actual composition of the Board of Directors :

Ass. Pr. Dr. Bounfeng PHOUMMALAYSITH, (Chairman), Minister of Health, Lao PDR.
Dr. Ponmek DALALOY (Honorary Chairman of the Board), Former Minister of Health, Lao PDR.
Dr. Manivanh SOUPHANTHONG, MD (Dean and Professor Faculty of Basic Sciences, University of Health Sciences, Vientiane, Laos).
Pr. Dr. Yves  BUISSON, National Academy of Medicine, France.
Dr. Marc JOUAN, Director of Institut Pasteur de Nouvelle Calédonie, Nouvelle Calédonie.