Why an Institut Pasteur in Lao PDR?

To improve dramatically the public health for the benefit of the Lao People.

Research on infectious diseases will provide evidence-based results to guide consistent public health policy. Is population of X province sufficiently vaccinated against measles ? Is there a mutation of H1N1 flu? Is the chikungunya virus and vector present in downtown Vientiane? Is Japanese encephalitis incidence sufficient to warrant vaccination?

To give Lao PDR an autonomy in research and participate to the general development of the country.

To have improved capacity to investigate, diagnose, prevent,… will allow Lao PDR become independent and less reliant on other countries.
High standard of research capacity is not reserved only for developed countries. On the contrary, it is one of the most powerful factors contributing to  durable development (ex. South Korea)

To secure the region by diminution of risk of pandemic in SE Asia.

SE Aisa is recognized as a “hotspot” for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. IPL brings the adequate microbiological diagnostic and research capacity; this inturn diminishes the risk for the country to play the role as a “pandemic disseminator”.
Strengthening of the research infrastructure in Lao PDR on emerging and re-emerging diseases in the spirit of “one health” with improved regional communication will decrease pandemic risk.