Japanese Encephalitis Infection

Project leader:  Kouxiong Sayteng
Member of staff: Souksakhone Viengphouthong

In 2013, a series of samples taken from pigs were tested for their reactivity to the Japanese encephalitis virus antigen. To complement this preliminary study, 258 human sera from subjects who had close contacts with pigs (farmers, slaughterhouse staff, etc) were collected in 74 villages distributed among 23 districts of 8 provinces (Louangnamtha, Louangprabang, Houaphan, Xiengkhouang, Vientiane, Borikhamxay, Saravanh and Champasak).  These samples were analyzed by  indirect ELISA tests for the presence of anti-JEV IgG. Positive reactions were detected in 210 (81%) of the samples tested. As cross-reactions exist between members of the flavivirus genus, further specific tests are required to determine the specificity of the antibodies. Combined with the study on pigs, these data will help in drawing up a first map of JEV in Laos.