Training activities

• 2 days training on GIS in the frame of Ecomore 2 for IPL, NCLE, and Xaysettha district hospital (Institut Pasteur du Laos, Marc Choisy; Olivier Telle)
• Arboshield project, year 3: 21 days of training for military staffs on health surveillance system (module 1), biosafety/biosecurity (module 2) and diagnostic of viral vector-borne diseases (module 3).
• Co-supervision of a Lao master student (Palamy Changleuxai; Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia)
• Supervision of two master students of the Lao Tropical and Public Health Institute.

Education activities (Elodie Calvez)

• Arboshield program: 8 participants divided into 2 groups (1 group per year) from the Lao Army Institute of Preventive Medicine. In this course, six topics were described: Biosafety and biosecurity, Concentration and dilution, General biology, Molecular biology, Immunology, Pathogen vector transmission. This training is organized for 1 hour per week since 2018. • IPL staff training: Every week, IPL staff divided into two groups participated in a course and different topics were presented like Concentration and dilution, General biology, Molecular biology, and Sequence Analysis. • Journal club organization: Every two weeks a journal club is organized with the IPL junior scientists. The aims of the journal club are to develop the ability of the junior scientist to research and analyze a publication and also to be able to present and explain the results. • Implementation of the Biosafety e-learning (Kaptitude program): This new program was organized to increase the knowledge of the IPL laboratory but also maintenance staff in Biological and Chemical security.