ARBOVEC – Vector Mapping, Characterization of Insecticide Resistance of Aedes populations, and Entomology Capability Development in Lao PDR

Project leader :
Dr Sebastien Marcombe, Medical Entomologist, Principal Investigator
Dr. Paul Brey, Medical Entomologist
Dr. Ian Sutherland, Medical Entomologist, Co-Principal Investigator
Miss Noy Khounsombat, Technician

Funding of the project :
Naval Health Research Center, USA

U.S. Naval Medical Research Center – Asia
Dr. Ian Sutherland, Medical Entomologist, Co-Principal Investigator


Description of the project and objectives:
The risk of insecticide resistance in dengue vectors in South-East Asia represents a serious threat to the achievements seen in dengue control during recent years. It is urgent to identify the distribution, the levels, the mechanisms, and potential environmental factors of resistance in dengue vectors in the lower Mekong countries.
Furthermore, it is essential to assist health authorities to develop more effective strategies of prevention and control of this rapidly spreading vector-borne disease.

The purpose of this project is to provide entomology capacity building, identify circulating levels of insecticide resistance (IR), and improve data on vector risk profiles in high priority locations in Lao PDR.

General objectives of ARBOVEC:
– Evaluation of the levels of insecticide resistance in the vector populations in Lao PDR.
– Evaluation of the types and mechanisms of insecticide resistance (i.e. metabolic or target site) in Lao PDR..
– Evaluation in semi-field trials of common insecticide formulations used in Lao PDR.
versus candidate insecticides for larval control
– Capacity building in medical entomology in Lao PDR.

Outcome of research:
– Set up a comprehensive map of the levels of insecticide resistance in Lao PDR
– Generate an Insecticide Resistance database in the main dengue vectors in Lao PDR
– Guide public health authorities of Lao the design and implementation of Insecticide Resistant Management strategies.
– Capacity strengthening in medical entomology and vector control in Lao PDR.

Results :



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