Evaluation of influenza virus circulation and transmission in pigs and free ranging poultry from mixed farms in Lao PDR.

Project leader: Antony Black, Claude Muller
Member of staff: Phonethipsavanh Nouanthong, Keooudomphone Vilivong, Did Panyathong, Siriphone Virachith

Activities and prospective
We aim to evaluate the presence and characteristics of influenza viruses circulating in several hosts in Lao PDR. Furthermore we wish to investigate the transmission of influenza strains from one host to another and evaluate the potential health risks associated with the circulating viruses.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Laos, further sample collection is ongoing from mixed farms in Vientiane Province. Swabs from pigs, chickens and ducks are being collected and will be assessed in the Lao Lux Laboratory for influenza and other viruses. A researcher from the Faculty of Agriculture will be trained at the Institut Pasteur du Laos in sample processing and PCR.