Medical Entomology & Biology of Disease Vectors 2013-2014

Head of Lab : Paul T. Brey Ph.D.

Main objective of the lab 
The main objective of our lab is to study the biology, ecology of arthropod vectors (mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks, snails, etc.), as well as the transmission cycles of the viruses, parasites and other microbial pathogens they transmit. Furthermore, we are working on ways to mitigate vector borne disease transmission in Lao PDR via vector control training programs.

1. Sébastien MARCOMBE, Ph D, Scientist
2. Julie Anne TANGENA, MSc, Ph D student
3. Khamsing VONGPHAILOTH, MD, Junior Scientist
4. Phoutmany THAMMAVONG, MD, Junior Scientist
5. Lae THUTKHIN, Technician
6. Khanthalak  KHOUNSOMBAT, Technician
7. Boutsady SOMPHONG, Technician

Project carried on in the lab
+ Bionomic studies of sylvatic mosquito species as putative vectors of arboviral disease in primary forest in Lao PDR.
Characterization of insecticide resistance in malaria vectors in Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Thailand and capacity building in medical entomology (MALVEC Project)

Economic development, ecosystem modifications, and merging infectious diseases risk evaluation” ecomore  project risk of Vector-Borne disease in relation to rubber plantations in Lao PDR (ECOMORE Project)
ARBOVEC – Vector Mapping, Characterization of Insecticide Resistance of Aedes populations, and Entomology Capability Development in Lao PDR