Lao – Japan lab / Parasitology 2013

Head of Lab: Shigeyuki KANO, MD, Ph D

Main objective of the lab :
Aims of the laboratory are to carry out research and training in the area of parasitology to better understand parasitic diseases affecting the Lao population and to propose ways to mitigate possible infections, and to provide technical support to the national level institutions in the area of malaria and other parasitic diseases.

1. Satoshi NAKAMURA, Ph D, Visiting Scientist
2. Masami NAKATSU, Ph D, Visiting Scientist
3. Phonepadith KHATTIGNAVONG, MD, Junior Scientist
4. Pheovaly SOUNDALA, Technician
5. Lavy LORPHACHAN, Technician

Project carried on in the lab:
+ Investigation of northern migration of Schistosoma mekongi in Lao People’s Democratic Republic. (Ongoing)
+ International cooperation research concerning water-borne diseases in relocated people and the development of related risk management techniques. (Finished)

+ Distribution of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax with mosquitoes in Lao PDR. (Finished)