Arbovirus & Emerging Viral Diseases 2014

Head of Lab: Marc GRANDADAM, Ph D

Main objective of the lab:
Arbovirus infections are a persistent public health threat for many countries worldwide. However, their impact may vary depending on climatic conditions, herd immunity and the existence of sustainable prevention programs. Lao PDR faced a major dengue outbreak in 2013 during which a co-circulation of chikungunya virus was confirmed. Surveillance remained a major activity of the arbovirus and emerging viral disease laboratory in 2014. The clinical network was kept active and the setting up of new collaborative projects offered the opportunity to interact with new partners. Research programs allowed young Lao staff members to acquire their first experience of project management, student mentoring and the process of communicating with health authorities. 

In addition to our laboratory staff, we have also invited trainees (Lao nationals) from other institutions to conduct their Master degree internships, as well as other students to participate in a course on biosafety.

Junior Scientists:
1. Malayvanh LAO, MD
2. Sompavanh SOMLOR, MD
3. Kouxiong SAYTENG, MD

2. Phaithong BOUNMANY
4. Sitsana KEOSENHOM, Lab & Quality Agent

Project carried on in the lab:
+Dengue surveillance in Vientiane city
+Japanese encephalitis
+Follow up of chikungunya patients
+Seeking for arbovirus in ticks (TIBO project)
+Response to health alert
+Education activities