Arbovirus & Emerging Viral Diseases 2020

Head of Lab: Dr. Vincent LACOSTE

Since 2012, the Arbovirus & Emerging Viral Diseases (A&EVD) laboratory has combined field studies and public health activities on vector-borne viral diseases. The A&EVD team is also implicated in educational and training activities to help technicians, students and scientists acquire theoretical and technical skills in virology. These activities respond to the missions of the Institut Pasteur du Laos. They enabled the laboratory to improve knowledge on the studied viral diseases and to become a key partner for the national health authorities by providing recommendations for arbovirus diagnostic, control, prevention and training to reinforce the health system. This is why, from March, the A&EVD team has been requested by health authorities to participate in the country’s capacities to fight against COVID19 pandemic. Since then, the A&EVD team is one of the front-line laboratories for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic in the country. In October, to reinforce its diagnostic capacities, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has granted to the A&EVD lab a one-year program in the framework of the COVID19 threat.

After eight years leading the A&EVD team, Marc Grandadam moved to a new position at the very start of 2020. In September, Vincent Lacoste succeeded to Marc to head the A&EVD lab. In the meantime, Elodie Calvez took over the function.


1. Somphavanh SOMLOR, MD

1. Elodie CALVEZ, PhD

Junior Scientists:
1. Thonglakhone XAYBOUNSOU, MD

Research Engineer

1. Phaithong BOUNMANY
3. Sitsana KEOSENHOM, Lab & Quality Agent

1. Kitphithak FANGKHAM
2. Tengher FAXAO

Project carried on in the lab:

+Arboviruses surveillance in Lao PDR
+ECOMORE 2 project
+Inputs of Research and development activities in ECOMORE 2 project
+COVID19 activities